May 22, 2017 Mixed-use Building – E. Girard Ave.

331 E GIRARD AVE - STREET VIEW - 5.12.17 (2)


November 23, 2016 Design Sketch – Fishtown



July 2, 2016 Mixed-Use Building – Design Sketch

2425 frankford ave - street view 9x9


March 3, 2016 East Kensington – Design Sketch

2121 E CUMBERLAND ST _Page_05


December 22, 2015 East Kensington – Design Sketch

2011 AMBER_(8.5X11)


November 12, 2015 Fishtown – Design Sketch

dakota court -street view - smaller


October 15, 2015 South Philly – Design Sketch

1220 S CARLISLE ST (24X36) SD.3_10.14.15


September 12, 2015 Fishtown – Design Sketch

york st merge right side 3





August 23, 2015 Northern Liberties – Design Sketch


This is a proposed view of the upcoming corner unit and its neighbor unit down the street on St. John Neumann Way.  The first 5 (along Leithgow St., to the left) are complete; the next 2 (units 6+7) are about to get construction started.  These were challenging units to lay out internally, the physical site is tough to handle with the narrow streets, and the entire neighborhood is currently a construction site.  However, this development is already one of the most handsome in the Northern Liberties neighborhood (yes we are biased on this claim, but it’s also likely true).  We are very excited to watch these final units get built and complete the project… curved brick corner on the way (pictured above), so take a stroll around the neighborhood sometime and check it out.



August 5, 2015 Fishtown – Design Sketch

1310 crease st


July 17, 2015 South Kensington – Construction Photo

106-112 Turner St. is under construction in South Kensington.  Shown here: 5 units in various stages of completion (framing, sheathing, windows, masonry, siding).  We used some new materials and details on this project that really need to be seen up close to get the full effect…



Fishtown – Construction Photo

The “York St. Castles” are nearing completion.




June 25, 2015 Construction Photo – Fishtown

Pictures of our project under construction at Berks St. + Wildey St.

Pictured below: door options…

berks doors

And pictured here: new curb being set along Berks St…

berks curb


June 18, 2015 Construction Photo – Fishtown

dauphin st


May 18, 2015 South Kensington – Design Sketch



May 9, 2015 Northern Liberties – Design Sketch

SJN - unit 6+7 - ext view 2


May 5, 2015 Northern Liberties – Construction 2015


20 new units underway at 4th and Green in Northern Liberties: 10 will be 4-story with 2-car garages, 10 will be 3-story split-level with parking from a rear driveway.  Stop by the site in the next few weeks to watch the precast concrete planks be lowered into place on the first 10 units (heads up).



May 4, 2015 Port Richmond – Completed 2-unit Development



April 16, 2015 Fishtown – Construction Photo



April 9, 2015 Fishtown – Design Sketch



April 4, 2015 Northern Liberties- Construction Photo

FullSizeRender (6)


March 15, 2015 Construction Photo – South Kensington



Construction Photo – Northern Liberties



March 14, 2015 Design Sketch – Fishtown

1310 CREASE ST - EXT VIEW 1 - 3.6.15 SMALL


March 10, 2015 Design Sketch – Brewerytown Duplex

1213 N. 28TH ST - EXTERIOR VIEW - 3.6.15


March 1, 2015 South Kensington: 1436 Germantown Ave – Construction Photos

Exterior framing is just about complete on these (5) units along Germantown Ave.:



Here’s a view of how they will look when complete:

1436 germ rend



February 28, 2015 Northern Liberties – Design Sketch

n 4th st


January 5, 2015 Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year to all our friends, family, clients, colleagues, associates, enemies, captors, and captives.  2014 was a wild and transformative year at KJO Architecture. We are relieved and eager to close the books on this year, and get started with 2015.


Some brief highlights from 2014:


-Our total staff of architects/designers/draftsmen/bookkeepers/interns/expeditors/

contributors grew from 5 to 8.  We saw a key member of our previous staff move on to other endeavors, and though we missed his contributions, we added several others to keep up with our growing workload.  Moving into 2015 we have a strong and legit group of designers who are eager to take on all scales and types of design projects… Our finest work is yet to come, so stay tuned.


-A growing number of our clients expanded their businesses and operations, and we will gladly take at least some of the credit for their successes.


-We worked closely with the zoning committees of the South Kensington Community Partners, the Fishtown Neighborhood Association, and the Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association (and others) on small- to medium- to large-scale projects.  We incorporated most (but not all) of their comments and criticism into our designs, and feel that in the end our projects came through improved, enhanced, and more carefully considered from an end-user standpoint.  We didn’t always see things the same way, and our designers and staff were often torn between the ‘classic struggle’ of client vs. neighborhood concerns… but in the end we felt that we made just enough small compromises to please everybody.  Maybe we temporarily disproved the old saying ‘…you can’t please all the people all the time’.


Some highlights below:


FINAL york st street view

2013-21 E. York St.: 11-unit townhouse development




310 W. Girard Ave.: Mixed-Use Development: 53 residential units with ground-floor commercial space



600 N. 4th St.: 10-unit luxury townhouse development




1350 Mascher St. – 20-unit townhouse development


-We watched KJO Architecture-designed construction sites pop up all over the city, and also saw a lot of projects become finished and occupied as well.  This is the best part of the job, and we plan to see much more of this in 2015.


-Philadelphia continued to be an increasingly exciting place to live and work in the urban East Coast USA modern era, and we are all proud as designers and planners to have a small yet significant role in its growth and re-emergence.


Thank you to all of our partners and clients- we enjoy working with all of you and have no intention of slowing down in 2015.  Happy New Year.



December 22, 2014 University City – Apartment Building



December 7, 2014 Northern Liberties Mixed-Use Development: 310 W. Girard Ave.

Exterior2 (2)


December 3, 2014 1036-38 N. 4th St. [(3) 4-story units] – Zoning Approved

1036-38 N 4TH ST UNIT A - FLOOR PLAN [LETTER] - 8.1


November 20, 2014 KJO ARCH OPEN HOUSE – DEC. 5TH 2-6PM



October 31, 2014 1200 S. 21st St. – Mixed-Use Building


Construction permits issued for our restaurant space/mixed-use design project at 1200 S. 21st St. in Philadelphia…



600 N. 4th St. – Permits Issued

10.30.14: 600 N. 4th St. foundation permits have been issued, construction set to begin soon… Stop by N. 4th & Green St. this winter/next spring to watch progress.



October 21, 2014 KJO Architecture Fall 2014 Employment Opportunities

The project manager position that was posted in August 2014 has now been filled.


We are at this time seeking a part-time permit expeditor/photographer/draftsman/visitor-of-job-sites/all-around ‘errand person’.  This position would be ideal for a student; proximity to Fishtown (our office location) and access to transportation would be essential.  Scheduling is flexible.  Experience or interest in the field of architecture/ design/ construction preferred but not required.  Click the link for the description:


KJO Job Posting Expeditor Oct 2014



Construction Photo- 2023-31 Arizona St.



Construction Photos- 2555 Carpenter St.




Construction Photo- 101-107 Fairmount Ave.

front st


Project photo- 409-13 Manton St.

409-13 manton


October 1, 2014 106-112 Turner St.



106-112 Turner St.: This 5-unit development was approved today by the Philadelphia ZBA.  This South Kensington project was well received at the local community level, and received favorably by the zoning board as well.  Next we move into construction documents stage.  Updates to follow…



September 18, 2014 1312-20 Eyre St.

EYRE ST TOWNHOMES - street view - 9.18.14 (small)

Construction is about to begin at 1312-20 Eyre St. in Fishtown.  The existing buildings have been demo’d and the site cleared; excavation to follow soon.



September 12, 2014 Construction Photo

East Kensington – 2023-31 E. Arizona St.

arizona small


September 4, 2014 Construction Photos – Fairmount Ave

Framing complete at 101-07 Fairmount Ave.

fairmount 2

fairmount 1



August 20, 2014 Design Sketch: Mixed-Use Development



August 13, 2014 KJO Architecture seeking Experienced Draftsman / Project Manager

Click the link for details:

KJO Architecture – Job Posting – Fall 2014


July 30, 2014 Zoning Approval- Northern Liberties

600 n 4th- night

600 N. 4th St.- Approved by Zoning Board of Adjustments today.  The project now moves into construction documents stage.  This is one of our premier projects this year and we are thrilled to finally have the zoning approvals that we need to build.  The final design represents 6 months of design work, 5 meetings with the local community zoning group, a creative site layout sketched out by our client, and countless revisions after passionate and relentless input from the community.  We are looking forward to finalizing the design of these 4-story box-like townhouse units with some surprising and unexpected brick, wood, and siding selections.  We are enormously pleased with the final result, and can’t want to see these top-of-the-line homes materialize in the coming months.  Stop by 4th and Green St. to watch construction progress…



July 24, 2014 Upcoming Project – South Kensington 20-unit development



June 10, 2014 Design Sketch- Multi-Family Building

corner final small


June 1, 2014 Construction Photo: Mixed-Use Building Renovation

3010 richmond


May 23, 2014 Design Sketch

house numbers


May 20, 2014 Northern Liberties 10-unit Development

600 n 4th


May 4, 2014 Fishtown Mixed-Use Building


Approved Design, May 2014.


UPDATE: Community voted 37-4 in favor!


This rendering shows an updated design for a 4-story mixed-use building.  The ground floor is a commercial space (with 1 parking space for the owner) and 3 apartments above.  It’s an industrially-zoned site, but surrounded by multi-family buildings.  Currently there is a 1-story garage building on the site; our plan is to preserve that building and build 3 stories on top.  Each of the apartment units has exterior balconies, and roof decks on the upper level that are accessed via spiral stairs.


A previous version, more of a massing study at that point, was posted on January 16th.  Our initial design strategy, as is the case for most of our work, was to start by responding directly to the fixed parameters of a project and seeing what that yields.  The client’s program, the physical characteristics of a site, and the zoning constraints are all processed together to form an initial solution.  In this particular instance, the resulting sketch resembled a spaceship.  We liked it a lot.   However, since we generally attempt to design in context, we have made some adjustments to the design’s massing and colors/materials with the hopes of ‘blending in’, at least a little bit.


We’ve also made some significant changes already based on local zoning committee feedback.  Due to it’s programmatic needs, site limitations, and construction type, this building will always stand out from the others on the block to which it connects.  However, we think this latest version fits into its context more inconspicuously.  We will be presenting to the local zoning committee and the neighborhood soon; we will follow-up with the results.



Previous design, Jan 2014.



May 3, 2014 Construction Photo – Fishtown

IMG_3532 small


April 29, 2014 Design Sketch – Northern Liberties 10-unit Development

600 N. 4TH ST. - NLNA ZONING MTG (LEGAL) - 4.28


April 17, 2014 Design Sketch – South Kensington

smaller 106-112 TURNER ST  - exterior schematic (view 1) 4-16-14


March 9, 2014

IMG_2949 small


March 7, 2014 Northern Liberties 4-unit Development



March 3, 2014 Design Sketch: South Philly Rowhome Infill

1532 DICKINSON_ EXTERIOR REV. 01.30.14.pdf


February 6, 2014 Design Sketch



January 16, 2014 Design Sketch


Mixed-use building (ground floor commercial, residential units above).



January 15, 2014 Construction Photo

photo (1)


December 23, 2013 Design Sketch

We were recently approached by a developer client to come up with a design for a waterfront site in Philadelphia.  The parcel sits adjacent to Penn Treaty Park on Delaware Ave.; it fronts on Delaware Ave. and extends to the river.  Other than the approximately 50′ setback from the waterfront edge that must be preserved for future riverfront trail expansion, the rest of the 100’x400′ long site faces the park along the North. On the South, the site faces the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Delaware River, and the Philadelphia skyline… it’s an incredible site.


Our solution was to design in section, with a multi-purpose building ‘slice’ that could be repeated the length of the site.  Each module contains retail/commercial space facing the park, with a residential unit above.  Along the other side, we set another residential unit above the ground level parking, which serves both the commercial and residential units.  Cutting through the entire length of the site is a pedestrian path at ground level that would link up with the future riverfront trail.


We are looking forward to taking the next step with the design of this project.  It’s a one-of-a-kind site that we hope will be developed in the near future.  The design ideas that we presented were received very favorably.  Here are a couple of massing studies that we showed our client; we are waiting patiently to see what their next move will be…


C:UsersKEVINDownloadsPTP BASE D-36X24 (1)

C:UsersKEVINDownloadsPTP BASE D-36X24 (1)



1915 North St. – Finished

1915 NORTH S

Construction complete at 1915 North St.



Construction Photos- 2638-42 E. Norris St.

photo 1 photo 2


December 11th – Design Sketch



October 28, 2013 Upcoming Project

KJO Architecture will be doing the design work for a new 23-unit townhouse development in Fishtown (Phila, PA).  The project site is literally a “stone’s throw” from our office headquarters.  We are very excited to work on a project that will completely transform an entire block of our local neighborhood.  More details to follow.


October 25, 2013 Welcome

Welcome to the news+blog section of the website.  Here we will post news and updates on current and upcoming projects, ideas, sketches, photos, etc.


KJO ARCHITECTURE website launch

Upgraded KJO ARCHITECTURE website launches today.  Thanks to Doug Jeremias (graphic design) and Pinnacle Performance Partners (web design).